West-line Studio Won German Design Award Again!

2020 November, German Design Award official website released the list of winners who have won German Design Award(GDA2021. West-line Studio won "Special Mention" of GDA 2021 with its project Danxia Exhibition Center · Lead Architects Haobo Wei, Jingsong Xie, award-winning architects: Haobo Wei, Jingsong Xie, Ke Zhou, Yudan Luo. And its core creative team was invited to exhibit their project in GDA Annual Exhibition to be inaugurated on February 12th, 2021 and to attend GDA Annual Award Ceremony to be held in Frankfurt, Germany on February 19th. Its the 4th year that West-line Studio has won German Design Awards in succession. In 2018, West-line Studio has won the only "Gold" of German Design Award in the category of Architecture.

German Design Awards are internationally recognized awards that are organized and issued by German Design Council. They aim to discover, present and reward unique design schemes. The statement of the jury on the award-winning project is that “As in this iconic design, the architecture interprets and reflects the surrounding countryside in form and in colour, succeeding on a highly creative level and providing a high level of recognition and identity.

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